Online Fitness Programs…

I am currently only charging £10 for personalised online fitness training programs.

What will you get for that?

  • I will collect information including a food diary, training goals, training likes and dislikes, injury history, time restraints and any other information that is crucial to building a successful program. 
  • I will analyse your food diary, and offer in depth advice on how to improve your ability to reach your dietary and fitness goals, in line with recognised healthy eating guidelines. 
  • I will write you a fitness program that is suited to your specific needs, likes and dislikes, available fitness equipment, and time constraints. Whether you train at home, or own a gym membership, I will write a program that works for you. 
  • I will provide ongoing support. Any adaptations you wish to make to your program, or ongoing training advice, simply email me, and I will be more than happy to help.

Please contact me using the form below, and we can get started…